Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is a chnic infection of the gums and the bone around the teeth. Causes of infection include smoking, poor oral hygiene, dry mouth, genetics, pregnancy, and others.

In periodontitis, pockets form around teeth, allowing more bacteria to accumulate around teeth. This creates a vicious cycle where more gums recede and more bone is lost. This eventually leads to tooth loss.


LANAP ® is a laser treatment which can be used around natural teeth to fight gum disease and eradicate infection, minimizing pockets and create healthy gums that reattach to the teeth. The laser can restore gum health without the need for surgery and stitches in the gums. This is the first and only FDA-cleared protocol for tissue regeneration in cases of periodontal disease.


LAPIP ® is a similar treatment used when gum disease exists around dental implants (peri-implantitis). Left untreated, this form of gum disease can lead to dental implant failure. The goal of LAPIP ® to remove diseased tissue and create healthy gums and bone around dental implants.

Benefits of Laser Treatments:

Laser gum treatment can provide:

  • Pain relief
  • Healthy gum tissue
  • Tooth or implant preservation
  • A minimally invasive procedure
  • Fast healing times
  • Lowered risk of infection
  • Reversal of bone loss

Laser gum treatment can help stop the progression of gum disease and save teeth or dental implants. Contact us for an appointment now. Dr Ahmed and the team can offer a range of periodontal treatment options to you.